Direct Admission in SRM University

College of Engineering, SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus

SRM University is one of the best private universities in Chennai. If cosmopolitan crowd, an air of freedom and good overall development is what you are looking at, then SRM should be your call. However fees and locations might be deterrents

SRM University is a private university. It conducts its own admission based on SRMEEE score.



SRM University is located in Kattankulanthur area of Kanchipuram District. Nearest local railway station is Potteri which is at a walkable distance. The college is very far from the Chennai city. There are many students travelling by their own vehicles and some of them do use the college bus. Majority of students though use public transport.



The infra here is amazing. The campus is spread over 300 acres. Yes you can imagine its expanse. There are 38 blocks in the campus. Even though it is so big, it is maintained very well. There is a lake on the campus where rowing facility is available. The classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned. There are projector and LCDs also available during teaching.


The hostels are very good here and consequently quiet expensive. Students can choose the kind of rooms they want and the number of people in a room; of course different pricing applicable.





Fees for most undergrad courses are between Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh a year except for Aerospace & Nanotechnology for which it is Rs 350,000 a year.

Additional books fees are also collected.



The faculty is experienced and well qualified. They do know their stuff pretty well. They are open to teach those interested in learning and really not bothered about uninterested ones. The faculty will not push you into studying; you need to cultivate interest for the subject yourself.


Attendance and Discipline:

Attendance norm of 75% is taken seriously. Students do bunk but calculatedly and make sure that they don’t exceed the limit. Here there is no restriction on the kind of attire you adorn as opposed to Anna University affiliated colleges. Formals are not compulsory. You will a see a striking change in the ambience and overall feel of the campus here compared to other Chennai colleges.



You can see from the fees that only kids from well to do families come to SRM. There are many North Indians here, almost half the batch comprises of them. It isn’t surprising to find students here wearing expensive brands or carrying expensive gadgets. You don’t really find many studious people here as most of the students are fun loving.





The whole campus has around 20 canteens. Yes it isn’t a mistake, it is 20! Techpark (CS & IT departments) seems to have one of the best canteens. There is also a food court where you will find a lot of options and it is always crowded. You will find almost all cuisine foods here.



'Milan' is the main cultural festival held in the month of January. 'Aarush' is the inter-college fest for all the colleges under the SRM University. These are quite a big festival and you see a good participation from students of SRM and other colleges too.



Placements are very good here. The college does have good record for placements and claiming 100% for some batches. The average package got by students here is around 3- 4 Lakh per annum. Few of the students do manage to bag bigger and very high paying offers too.


Contact Address:

SRM University

SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur,

Kancheepuram District - 603203.

Phone: 44-2741 7100